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 Zhengzhou Leabon Filter Equipment Co., a   professional and advanced manufacturer of filtering   equipments. 
 Our products range covers series of chamber filter   press,frame filter press,DZU vaccum rubber belt filter,   DY series belt filter, centrifuge, filter, pumps, filter plates,   filter paper, and filter cloth, etc. 

 Products are widely used in environmental protection, mining, metallurgy, medicine, petroleum, chemical, coal, food and other fields.

Meanwhile, Leabon has professional international sales team and service team that ensure fast, effective communication and cooperation with different clients more successful and satisfactory. 


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  • Jan
    Diaphragm filter press operating instructions:

    Diaphragm filter press operating instructions: One,1, open the emergency stop switch2. Press the power indicator button and wait for the text display to display the text. The text appears, indicating that the power has been turned on. Second, manual operation1. Turn the transfer switch to the manual

  • Jan
    Introduction of centrifugal filter equipment and introduction of different types of equipment

    Centrifugal filter is a kind of equipment suitable for filtering impurities in liquids, especially for substances with relatively high separation viscosity such as cooling oil. The separation process is simple and easy to operate, but the effect is excellent, so it is widely used in various fields s

  • Jan
    The superiority of diaphragm filter press in industrial filtration

    The diaphragm filter press used in the industry differs from the conventional filter press in that a filter press with a layer of elastic film is interposed between the filter plate and the filter cloth. During use, high-pressure fluid or gaseous medium can be injected into the elastic membrane when


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