Application of Box Filter Press in the Treatment of Acid Containing Wastewater
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Application of Box Filter Press in the Treatment of Acid Containing Wastewater

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The box type filter press is applicable to suspensions with high compressibility of filter residue or near incompressible suspensions. With the continuous development of society, the requirements for the environment are becoming higher and higher, and the handling of situations is becoming more mechanized and automated. Environmental protection equipment such as box filters with superior performance will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in the environmental protection industry. The box type filter press is a mechanical equipment that can effectively achieve solid-liquid separation. In the fields of environmental protection and wastewater treatment, the filter can reduce water pollution and promote the recycling of water resources. It plays an indelible role in purifying water resources and recycling recycled water.

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Working principle of box filter press

The box type filter press is composed of filter plates arranged to form a filter chamber (with concave sides of the filter plates, and every two filter plates combined to form a box shaped filter chamber). The surface of the filter plate has pits and protrusions to support the filter cloth. The center and corners of the filter plate have through holes, which form a complete channel after assembly, allowing for the passage of suspension, washing water, and the extraction of filtrate. On both sides of the filter plate, there are handles supported on the crossbeam, and the filter plate is compressed by a compression device. The filter cloth between the filter plates serves as a seal.

Under the pressure of the feeding pump, the material liquid that needs to be filtered is sent into each filter chamber, and the solid and liquid are separated through the filtering medium (suitable filter cloth is selected according to different industries). Form filter residue on the filter cloth until it fills the filter chamber and forms a filter cake. The filtrate passes through the filter cloth and flows along the groove of the filter plate to the lower outlet channel for centralized discharge. After filtration, clean the filter residue with detergent water. After washing, sometimes compressed air is introduced to remove the remaining washing solution. After the filtration is completed, open the box filter press to remove the filter cake (the filter cake is stored between adjacent filter plates), clean the filter cloth, and re press the plate to start the next working cycle.

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The Application of Box Filter Press - Process Flow for Treating Acidic Wastewater

In response to the complex and fluctuating water quality of acidic wastewater, which leads to extremely unstable flocculation effect and is prone to environmental accidents, the following process plan is proposed to fully utilize the working capacity of the box filter press.

The treatment process plan for acid containing wastewater: acid containing wastewater → acid regulating tank → aeration neutralization tank → coagulation tank → clarification tank → box filter press → final discharge tank. In this plan, the function of the clarification tank is weakened, changing from a settling outlet tank to a wastewater storage tank after neutralization and flocculation. The wastewater in the clarification tank is filtered by a box filter press for secondary compression and enters the final discharge tank for external discharge.

The process flow of acid containing wastewater treatment, reducing the sedimentation overflow function of the clarification tank, fully utilizing the filtration capacity of the box filter press, can effectively remove the constraints of flocculation effect on the acid containing wastewater treatment process, ensure that the external drainage indicators meet the national sewage discharge standards, and ensure the continuous and stable operation of the process.


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