Circular filter press
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Circular filter press

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Circular filter press

Circular filter press

Filter presses are divided into square filter presses and circular filter presses based on the shape of the filter plates. Most of the more common filter presses on the market have square filter plates. There are relatively few filter presses with round filter plates. Currently, there are only A few manufacturers can produce high-pressure circular filter presses. High-pressure circular filter presses are widely used in: stone wastewater, ceramics, kaolin, and bentonite due to their characteristics of high filtration pressure and low moisture content of the filter cake. Solid-liquid separation in industries such as , activated soil, and building materials.

The round shape has the best stability and stress resistance among all shapes, so it can better withstand high pressure. Only by being able to withstand high pressure can a drier mud cake be filtered out. The filtration pressure of a general plate and frame filter press is generally around 0.6MPa, and the filtration pressure of a high-pressure circular filter press can reach 1MPa-2.5MPa. Using a high-pressure circular filter press to filter the filtered materials can dehydrate the materials more thoroughly. This further increases the solid content of the mud cake, and the volume of the mud cake filtered out by a general filter press will be greatly reduced, effectively saving the transportation costs of the mud cake.

Circular filter press

The high-pressure circular filter press is controlled by a PLC program-controlled automatic system. It has a high degree of automation and can perform various operations on the filter press. It can be configured with automatic liquid collection flaps, automatic pull-plate discharge according to different requirements, and can also be configured according to the material. The different filtration time, filtration pressure, etc. can realize fully automatic control or individual control of the equipment. The mud cake filtered by the high-pressure circular filter press has a low moisture content, so there is no need to manually unload the cake, saving labor.


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