How To Inspect The Filter Press After It Stops Working
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How To Inspect The Filter Press After It Stops Working

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How To Inspect The Filter Press After It Stops Working

How to inspect the filter press after it stops working

During holidays, filter press equipment in many industries also stops working. In order to keep the filter press in better working condition in the future, the filter press equipment must also be maintained and inspected during holidays to ensure safe and normal operation. How to maintain the filter press? What are the steps?

1. Replace hydraulic oil:

It is recommended that all hydraulic oil in the filter press equipment be replaced once again, and the oil tank should be cleaned. Due to long-term working, the hydraulic oil will deposit impurities caused by wear on the inner wall of the hydraulic system in the mailbox. Therefore, in order to use it normally next time, we need to replace all the hydraulic oil.

2. Inspection of filter plate handle:

Since the filter press works for a long time, there are many operations on the filter plate handle, which can easily cause wear and errors. Therefore, we need to take out the filter plate piece by piece from the filter press and carefully check the filter plate handle. Once any abnormalities are found , it needs to be repaired immediately. Once the handle is found to be severely worn, it is recommended to replace it with a new one.

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3. Filter plate:

When the filter press equipment is working, the filter plate is often moved back and forth repeatedly, and is also subject to a huge pressure, which can easily cause the filter plate to break or the filter plate handle to be incorrect. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone stop the operation of the filter press and check whether the filter plate is clean and whether there are cracks in the filter plate. Once an abnormality occurs, it is recommended to repair and replace it in time to avoid seriously affecting the normal operation of the filter press.


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