How overhead beam filter presses work
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How overhead beam filter presses work

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How overhead beam filter presses work
The Overhead Beam Filter Press uses the same basic technology as any other plate filter press to dewater slurry material and recover reusable filtrate water.A hydraulic cylinder and four tension rods are used to clamp the plates together, while a slurry feed pump forces the slurry between the plates where the slurry solids accumulate and the filtrate water passes through filter cloths mounted on the plate surfaces. The plates are opened using a chain carousel system mounted on the I-beam designed to separate the filter plates one at a time after the plate stack has been hydraulically unclamped. The bottom and both sides of the filter plates are completely open and unobstructed, preventing any interference with the cake discharge. The overhead beam design also allows the easiest access to the filter plates and filter cloths for cleaning and maintenance

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Main areas of application for overhead beam filter presses

Overhead Beam Filter Presses are used in a wide range of dewatering applications in many industries. The overhead beam style press is well suited for dewatering material that are difficult to dewater slurries with high clay content, very fine particle size or organic materials. With the plate opening system mounted in the beam above the filter press, most of the moving components are well protected from contamination and wear associated with abrasive and corrosive materials. The overhead beam filter presses can be fully automated for continuous operations without full time operator monitoring.

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