Introduction of centrifugal filter equipment and introduction of different types of equipment
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Introduction of centrifugal filter equipment and introduction of different types of equipment

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Centrifugal filter is a kind of equipment suitable for filtering impurities in liquids, especially for substances with relatively high separation viscosity such as cooling oil. The separation process is simple and easy to operate, but the effect is excellent, so it is widely used in various fields such as grinding, deburring, finishing, and the like. The working principle and main features of the centrifugal filter are described below.

Centrifugal filter working principle:

The centrifugal filter is mainly composed of a rotating body part and a liquid inlet part. The liquid to be filtered passes through a gyrator after entering the centrifugal filter unit. This gyrator has a high-speed rotation function with a top opening. In the high-speed centrifugation of this gyrator, liquid and impurities are separated due to their respective specific gravities. The liquid is transferred out of the device through the action of the blade assembly, and at this time, the impurities in the liquid are attached to the inside under the action of centrifugal force to complete the filtering work.

Centrifugal filter features:

1. Small footprint, flexible and convenient: Centrifugal filter is a relatively lightweight device, which not only has a small footprint, but also is simple and clear during the installation process, and is flexible and disassembled.

2. No filter consumption, high precision: When filtering, the impurities and liquid can be accurately separated, not only the impurities can be completely removed, but also the useful liquid can be stored in a high proportion.

3. Manual unloading: The unloading mode of the centrifugal filter is manually used. On the one hand, the unloading can be carried out according to the production demand, which is safe and controllable. On the other hand, the manual unloading of the centrifugal filter is more reliable.

4. Can be used in combination: For some enterprises with large production volume, you can try to connect with multiple centrifugal filters and carry out mass production through monitoring by safety self-locking device. If one of the operations is incorrect, the motor of the other device will also stop automatically. Or you can connect several fuel tanks to reduce costs.

Centrifugal filter structure is precise but light, high production precision but less consumables, mechanized production but can be manually discharged, so it is called the first choice for liquid impurity filtration. It is also necessary to have a good bracket and structure at the same time. Leabon Machinery supplies high-quality centrifugal filter equipment to solve the problem of liquid impurity filtration. It has many years of experience in production and can help customers to purchase equipment better.



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