Maintenance knowledge of filter press
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Maintenance knowledge of filter press

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Maintenance knowledge of filter press

The service life of a filter press is closely related to the daily maintenance of operators. Reasonable use and maintenance can extend the service life of the filter press. Below, we will introduce some maintenance knowledge about the filter press:

Firstly, lubrication is crucial. As is well known, in the entire operation process of the equipment, because the interior is composed of steel structures, in order to better avoid mutual friction and collision causing losses, it is necessary to do a good job in lubrication, regularly inspect the equipment, and check whether the internal lubricating oil is sufficient to meet production needs is the key.

Secondly, the links between components should be tight. Before using the equipment, the staff must carefully check whether the links between the various components inside the equipment are tight, as significant vibrations often occur during operation. If the links between the firmware are unstable at this time, it can cause the components to fall off and cause unavoidable losses.

Thirdly, the selection of hydraulic oil. Different models of filter presses also have requirements for the selection of hydraulic oil to be used in conjunction, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced every about a week when the equipment is first used.


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