The Filter Press Makes A Strange Sound, Why?
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The Filter Press Makes A Strange Sound, Why?

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The filter press makes a strange sound, why?

The filter press uses a special filter medium to apply a certain pressure to the object, so that the liquid is dialyzed out of a mechanical device. It is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. It was used in chemical production in the early 18th century and is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, dye, food, brewing, ceramic and environmental protection industries.

The filter plate has stable performance, convenient operation, safety and labor saving; the metal pressing cylinder is processed by seamless steel pipe and precision cast by plastic steel filter plate, which is resistant to high temperature, high pressure and durable. If the filter press has abnormal noise, it may be caused by the following reasons:

1. The motor of the filter press is aging, and the load has made the equipment unable to bear it;

2. Damage to the high-pressure oil pump. The oil pump is usually a plunger pump. If the hydraulic oil is abnormal or the age is relatively long, it will cause damage to the plunger;

3. There will be some differences in the coupling when the hydraulic station is installed. If the coupling is not placed correctly, it will cause the motor to swing too much and the load will increase.


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