The superiority of diaphragm filter press in industrial filtration
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The superiority of diaphragm filter press in industrial filtration

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The diaphragm filter press used in the industry differs from the conventional filter press in that a filter press with a layer of elastic film is interposed between the filter plate and the filter cloth. It is a diaphragm filter press. During use, a high-pressure fluid or a gas medium can be injected into the elastic film when the feed is finished.

At this point, the entire membrane slowly swells the secondary press of the filter cake, which in turn achieves further dewatering of the filter cake. This is the press filtration we often hear. Also known as diaphragm filter press.

The diaphragm filter press is firstly a normal ordinary filter, also known as slurry dewatering, that is, a certain number of filter plates are closely arranged in a row under the action of strong mechanical force, and a filter is formed between the filter plate surface and the filter plate surface. In the chamber, the filtered material is sent to the filter chamber under a strong positive pressure, and the filter material entering the filter chamber is intercepted by a filter medium (such as a filter cloth) to form a filter cake, and the liquid portion is discharged through the filter medium. The filter chamber is used for the purpose of solid-liquid separation. The solid-liquid separation is more complete with the increase of the positive pressure, but it is not cost-effective considering energy, time, and dehydration. Cause a great deal of waste. Of course, the cost of the diaphragm filter is also more expensive than the ordinary filter press.

Basically, after the slurry is dewatered in the industrial process of the membrane filter press, a filter press equipped with a rubber extruded film is used, and a compressed medium (such as gas or water) enters the back surface of the extruded film to push the extruded film to press the filter cake. Further dehydration, called extrusion dehydration.

When the diaphragm filter press is used for slurry dewatering or extrusion dewatering, the compressed air enters the filter cake side of the filter cake through the filter cake, and the liquid water is carried out from the other side of the filter cake through the filter cloth to discharge the filter chamber and dehydrate. The wind blows off the water.

If the filter cloth is applied to both sides of the filter chamber, the liquid portion can pass through the filter cloth on both sides of the filter chamber and exit the filter chamber to dewater the filter chamber.

The industrial performance of the diaphragm filter press is that after the dewatering is completed, the mechanical pressing force of the filter plate is released, and the filter plate is gradually opened by a single piece, and the filter chamber is opened to perform the unloading of the cake as a main working cycle. Depending on the nature of the filter material, the filter press can be separately set into slurry dewatering, extrusion dewatering, wind blowing dehydration or single and double side dewatering, in order to minimize the filter cake moisture. It is a long-term benefit to save operating costs from transportation and handling.



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