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Vacuum Belt Filter

  • DZU Rubber Belt Vacuum Filter
  • DZU Rubber Belt Vacuum Filter
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DU Municipal Sewage Treatment Rubber Belt Vacuum Filter Machinery
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DZU Rubber Belt Type Dacuum Filter with filter cloth as filter media, full use of the material gravity and vacuum suction to achieve effectient separation of the solid liquid separation equipment.Using rubber band as a run simulaneously with the tape on, tape and vacuum slip ring friction with contact table and form water seal.Sluffy from the distributor cloth evenly on the cloth.
When a vacuum chamber connected to a vacuum system, vacuum formed in the leaching zone tape, tape the filtrate through the filter cloth by the horizontal groove on the summary by the hole into the vacuum chamber, solid particles are trapped in the filter cloth to form a cake.Into the vacuum chamber of solid discharged by the separator, with the rubber band moved, followed by the formation of the cake into the cake washing zone and dry areas, and finally separate the cloth and tape, place the cake in the discharge roller unloding out.The removable cloth filter cake obtained after regeneration by washing, and then through a set of roller bearings and re enter the filter correction unit area, entered a new filteration cycle.

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