Ceramic Clay Circular Plate Filter Press
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Ceramic Clay Circular Plate Filter Press

•Effluent Treatment Plants, Textile, Paper, Leather, Jute Sewages, Industrial & Municipal waste water
•Ceramics, Clay, Porcelain, Fine Earth, Marble and Granite
•Metallurgy, Electroplating & Electro Polishing, Steel Mill Waste, Nickel, Copper, Zinc Lead, Silver
•Pharma Industries, Antibiotic, Syrup, Intermediates and Bulk Drugs
•Chemical Industries, Basic Chemicals, Organic & Inorganic, Resins, Starch, Enzymes, and Pesticides
  • Ceramic Clay Circular Plate Filter Press
  • Ceramic Clay Circular Plate Filter Press
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filter press 1
circular filter plate with 2.0MPa supporting pressure 1

1. The structure is welded by AIO automatic welding machine, solder side is flat, weldjoint is solid and durable, it can service longer without any distortion.

2. Mainbeam is processed by sand blasting to improve mechanical properties of surface, thereby gain a better wear resistance, extended its service life.
3. Hydraulic station is steady in operation and easy in maintenance, pistons are made by steel 45 after surface processing with feature of high hardness.
4. It could realize automatic pressure maintenance by pressure meter.
5. Plates are made from pure polypropylene, it has high elastic modulus, high strength, high heat distortion temperature, good chemical resistance and good dimensional stability.

6. The whole machine features easy operation, low noise and simple maintenance.
Addvantage of Filter Press

1.Simple in operation

2.Safe and labor saving

3.Controlled by the electrical panel

4.Controlled by the PLC

5.Work efficiently
1.Circular design has a superior mechanical performance. It has a larger filter area, easier operation and fewer maintenance.
2.Food filter press use fiber material as filter medium, it could detach fat, impurity and suspended matter from liquid material.
3.The filtrate is safe and pure.



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