Electric Solid Use Centrifuge Separator with CE Certfication
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Electric Solid Use Centrifuge Separator with CE Certfication

  • SS1500


  • 8421192000

  • SS1500

  • 1500mm

  • 360L

  • 400kg

  • 650

  • 304

  • 15kw

  • 3640X1850X1100mm

  • 4060kg

  • Centrifuge Seperator

  • Application:
1. SS series is a kind of sedimentation centrifuge which adopts tripod type, man unloading from the top, intermittent operating centrifuge with filtration function. It is suitable for your to separate suspensive liquor with solid powder ≥0.01mm.The type of solid material can be granular or crystalloid. It also can dehydrate some material such as roving, textile etc. This series centrifuge has the features as simple structure, easy operation, operating sequences can be adjusted at your option, filter residue can be completely washed, solid granular can not easily broken. The solid grain can be grain state, crystal state or fibre state. It is also used in dewatering, such as yarn or textile.
2. It is widely used in chemical, pharmacy, food, light industry and other trades. For  instance: gypsum, ferric sulfate, nickel sulphate, copper' sulphate, potassium chloride, acetate, borax, soda, rubber addition, dye, plastics raw material, soap, grease, all kinds of resin, salt, gourmet powder, food addition, vitamin, herbicide, insectifuge and dewatering of cupper zinc, aluminium and other miner powder.

1. GMP standard optional
2.Frequency converter timing
3. easy operation and maintenance
4.Long life.
7.reasonable design
8.Simple structure

Catalog of SS Series Centrifuge Seperator 
Model Rotary drum Separation factor Motor
Overal dimension

Diameter Working
ω2r/g KW KG MM

MM L KG r/min

SS300 300 8 10 1900 819 0.75 130 800x620x500
SS450 450 20 25 1600 725 1.5 200 980x720x625
SS600 600 45 80 1450 755 3 600 1350x990x750
SS800 800 98 135 1200 640 5.5 1300 1740x1380x1000
SS1000 1000 140 195 1000 560 7.5 1500 1950x1560x1050
SS1200 1200 200 280 800 430 1.5/11 2030 2370x1600x1000
SS1500 1500 360 400 650 304 15 4060 3640X1850X1100



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