Food And Chemical Stainless Steel Filter Press
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Food And Chemical Stainless Steel Filter Press

Stainless steel filter press sidely used for medicine, food etc area.
1.Made of high quality carbon steel Q235 which has high tensile strength, it makes the filter
press can be operate more safe and stable.
2.Oil cylinder seat, pressing plate and thrust plate are formed by carbon dioxide protection welding.
3. Main beam is designed by adopting welded box construction, and manufactured by making use of submerged arc auto welding technology.
4.All the spare parts that need painted are dealed with high speed centrifugal ball blast descaling
and iron scale.
  • Stainless Steel Filter Press For Food And Chemical

  • Stainless Steel Filter Press For Food And Chemical

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Stainless steel filter press for food and chemical

1. Stainless steel can perfectly resist corrosion, high temperature and high pressure.
2. Its firm structure can service more than 10 years.

3.Specially designed for high precision and degerming of liquid.

The filter press specially apply to large quantities of beer, wine, grape, edible oil etc.

Stainless steel filter press is used for solid-liquid separation. Filter plates are pressed by pressing devices, then suspending liquid is pumped into the filter chamber. Solid particles are stopped in filter chamber to form cakes, and water exuded through filter cloth. When Cake is discharged off, the solid-liquid separation process is done.


Features of stainless steel filter press

1.Resist high temperature

2.Resist high pressure.


4.Long service life.

5.Easy to maintain.

6.Meet the special standards in food and pharmacy industries.


7.Good appearance.

Application of Stainless Steel Filter Press

1.Environment protection: municipal sludge dewatering solutions, steel plant wastewater solutions, 

printing and dyeing, tannery wastewater solution, papermaking wastewater solution, san and water

solutions, river dredging sludge dewatering solutions, tap water sludge treatment solutions,

desalination solutions;

2.Chemical Industry: silica solutions, titanium dioxide solutions, calcium carbonate solutions,

petrochemical industry solutions (explosion proof);

3. Mineral: coal industry solutions, kaokin industry solutions, tailing solutions;

4. Food: mash filter solutions, oil fractionation solutions;

5 .Biomedical: biomedical industry solutions;

6 .Smelting: alumina industry solutions, smelting industry solutions and so on.



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