Food Grade Stainless Steel Filter Press
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Food Grade Stainless Steel Filter Press

As a intermittent pressure filtration equipment, it’s used to separate the solid and liquid of suspension. Since the excellent effect of separation and convenient to use, it’s widely used in petroleum, chemical, dyestuff, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, paper making, coal washing and sewage disposal and various industry which separation is needed.
  • XAZY300/1286-30U
  • 300
  • 30
  • 42.5
  • 4480
  • 104
  • 105
l         Detailed Product Description
Auto press and open by hydraulic
Auto feeding
Auto air or water squeezing
Auto plate shifting
Auto bomb door and drip tray open and close

Automatic program-controlled chamber filter press has such features as follows:
1. wholly Automatic program-controlled. It can be working unattendedly.
2. Adopt upper washing device, with few actions and synchronous with auto plate shifting machine. The washing cycles can be set according to requirements(can be regulated on site)
3. plate is made of TPE elastomer, fiber glass, and Polypropylene. It have the advantage of flexibility, toughness, rigidity. After the process of the CNC machining center, the flatness of the filter plate is lower than 25µm which make sure excellent sealing when pressing, and without any leakage when feeding. The filtration speed improved 20%, density and intensity, anti-fatigue ,anti-aging speed improved one times
4. plate is comply with Germany DIN7129 standard , completely in common with the European & American products.
5.  Hydraulic cylinder is made by 27SIMn seamless steel pipe. Their precision can up to level of IT8
6. Pistons are made by steel 45 and plated with 0.06 chromium after surface processing with feature of high hardness, anti-wearing, long life-span.
7. The control part adopts system design concept, and adds auto running and check function. the system will always check whether the executive components is in normal state, or it will alarm on the display screen. It reserves DCS remote interface; thus realized remote monitoring and operation.
8. The main beams is made of high quality carbon steel, being characterized by pull resistance, flexural resistance, high intensity and good toughness.
9. We have a production line for manufacturing filtration cloth in order that we can offer customers with all kinds of clothes. our company also equipped with testing facility that can perform the filtration testing for customers free of charge in order that we can select the most suitable filtration cloth for customers.
10. Automatic drip tray open & close.
l         Technical Parameter  
Model XAZY300/1286-30U  automatic hydraulic filter press
Filter areaM2 300
The thickness of the filter cakemm 30
A single filter chamber volumeL 42.5
filter chamber volumeL 4480
Filter plate number(pcs) 104 Reinforced pp
The filter room number(pcs) 105
The filter material and characteristics Plates Material: Reinforced pp  
Features: Acid, alkali, salt erosion, non-toxic, odorless, light weight, high strength, and effortless operation. Salt solution and polar solvents, good toughness, chemical stability, Plates using cone-shaped point Boss design, molding, with filtering speed, low dehydration cake, washed thoroughly uniform, fine processing of the sealing surface sealing performance intact.
Filter plate sizemm 1286x1286x65
 Filter plate material Reinforced pp Resistance to acid and alkali
Filter cloth material Resistance to strong acid
Number of filter clothpcs 104+1 Including sealing sheet
Support beams Q235 steel welding parts (thicker rectangular tube)
Keep plate Q235 solid steel plate welded pieces
The thrust plate Q235 solid steel plate welded pieces
Pressure head Q235 solid steel plate welded pieces
Oil cylinder 20 steel welding
Hydraulic station Q235B steel welded
Filter control cabinet Carbon paint
Electrical control cabinet Intelligent control panel Relay control
Filtration temperature 90≤
Filter pressure(Mpa) 0.5-1.6
Feeding way The thrust plate feeding in the middle
Drainage way Undercurrent According to customer’s requirement
Hydraulic station valve group Hydraulic valve group
The oil pump of the hydraulic pressure station Plunger pump
Oil pump seat casting
Power station(kw) 4
Oil cylinder pressureMpa 22
Oil cylinder maximum effective schedule(mm) 700
Compact form Hydraulic automatic packing, manual unloading The filter cake was dropped by its own weight
The whole machine sizemm 10030×2200×2050
WeightKg 13500
The paint coating standard All steel pretreated to remove the oxide layer rolling, rust and foreign matter, the inner surface coated with epoxy paint, do strength corrosion, the outer surface again primer, epoxy anti-corrosion coating twice.
Manufacturing standards JB/T4333.2-2005
Named The performance parameters
1. Functioncarrying the filter plate, providing top tight pressure, under a certain pressure to ensure the seal and achieve filtration purposes
2, consists of: Pressing plate, thrust plate machine feet, and the feet of the cylinder block, cylinder system, the main beam (thick rectangular tube)
3. Rack material: Coated 304 stainless steel
Filter plate 1, function: Install the filter media to ensure normal filtration under pressure, can be fully realized backwash
2. Filter plate material: Food Grade Reinforced Polypropylene
3. Handle material: Reinforced polypropylene and wear-resistant plastic
The hydraulic system
1, function: to provide clamping force, clamping cylinder return and ensure the normal operation of the robot
2, consists of: tank, pump systems, manifold, hydraulic valves, tubing, pressure display and transmission systems
3. Maximum hydraulic pressure: 30MPa; rated pressure: 20MPa.
Manufacturing Standards: JB / T4333-2005 "Van filter and frame filter technology"
Quality assurance: product safety in line with European CE certification and the German DIN standard.
Quality assurance system in line with ISO9001: 2008 standard
Environmental System certified to meet: ISO14001: 2004 standard


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