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Manual Jack Squeeze Filter Press

1. PP or and glass fiber polypropylene material plate and frame
2. Plate and frame type, box type
3. no need power supply.
4. filter plate pressed by hoisting jack.
5. Opening filter plate manually
  • Manual filter
1.  Hoisting Jack Filter Press has a screw jack as its compressive device, featuring simple structures, easy operation unnecessary power, being practical and economical.
2. Usually it is applied in the press whose filter area is 1—40m 2 .
The filter plate of this kind has two types: plate and frame type, box type.
3. The plate and frame type has filter plates frames as a filter unit. Filter cloth can be easily fixed. It can find its application in products that need filter medium (filter paper, filter membrane and settling plate).
4. Box type filter plate combines filter plates and filter frames. It has a strong structure strength. In the middle of the filter plate stands. Loading inlet with big bore diameter,   little resistance and fast flow.
5. The filter plate is generally formed on its fist mould with polypropylene and glass fiber polypropylene , af ter the process of the CNC machining center, the flatness of the filter plate is lower than 25µm which make sure excellent sealing when pressing, and without any leakage when feeding. The filtration speed improved 20%, density and intensity, anti-fatigue , anti-aging speed improved one times.
6 . The filter plate has even spread of pressure with a long serve life and the filter cake that comes off easily. This type can handle with materials that are difficult to filter.  The plate enjoy stable chemical property, corrosion-resistant (aid, alkali, salt) nontoxic and odorless with light weight and strong strength. Reinforced polypropylene filter plates are applicable to materials below 80 centrigrade . Glass fiber pp can filter materials between 70 centrigrade  and 120 centrigrade . And we can also offer cast iron filter plate and stainless steel filter plate which are resistant to high temperature and high pressure. 
7.  The main beams is made of high quality carbon steel, being characterized by pull resistance, flexural resistance, high intensity and good toughness.
9.  We have a production line for manufacturing filtration cloth in order that we can offer customers with all kinds of clothes. Our company also equipped with testing facility that can perform the filtration testing for customers free of charge in order that we can select the most suitable filtration cloth for customers.



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