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Mechanical Filter Press

1. mechanical compress
2. polypropylene filter plate is corrosion resistant, nonpoisonous and tasteless.
3. mechanical compress, automatically stop and maintain pressure.
4. simple structure, easier maintenance.
5. overheating and overload protection for motor.
  • Mechanical Filter Press
  • Mechanical Filter Press
  • Mechanical Filter Press
Mechanical industrial filter press

Structure Features:
1. When squeeze takes place in this type of filter. The electric motor drives the retro-engine and the retro-engine drives the compressive plate to press filter plates by gearing. Compressive bolt and fixed nut have reliable self-lock which is going on. The introduction of motor overall protector brings automatic control. It can protect against overheat and overload for motor.
2. It’s easy to run, safe and laborsaving. Push-buttons in controlling board can continuous operate the filter plate, and safe installments of this type are equipped to ensure operating safety and good performance of the filter.
3. When it works, the motor drives reducer, and the strength goes through transmission parts to push pressing plate to press filter plate. Clamping screw and fixed nut are designed with reliable self-locking spiral angle which can make sure the reliability and stability when it presses. There is integrated motor protector with automatic control to realize the motor overheating and overload protection. 
4. Plate is made of Polypropylene. It has the advantage of flexibility, toughness, rigidity. After the process of the CNC machining center, the flatness of the filter plate is lower than 25µm which make sure excellent sealing when pressing, and without any leakage when feeding. The filtration speed improved 20%, density and intensity, anti-fatigue , anti-aging speed improved one times.
5. plate is comply with Germany DIN7129 standard, completely in common with the European&Amerian products.
6. The control part adopts system design concept, and adds auto running and check function. the system will always check whether the executive components is in normal state, or it will alarm on the display screen. 
 7. The main beams is made of high quality carbon steel, being characterized by pull resistance, flexural resistance, high intensity and good toughness.
8.  We have a production line for manufacturing filtration cloth in order that we can offer customers with all kinds of clothes. Our company also equipped with testing facility that can perform the filtration testing for customers free of charge in order that we can select the most suitable filtration cloth for customers.
It can be widely used separating suspending liquid in solid in Chemical, metallurgy, pharmacy, light industry, coal, paper making, leatherlivestock product, aquatic product, delisewage disposal, environmental protection, energy sources and so on.


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