PLC Hydraulic Automatic Filter Press
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PLC Hydraulic Automatic Filter Press


Detailed Product Description
1. PLC control, remote control
2.automatic keeping pressure
3.large capacity
4.low moisture content
5. high quality
6. high efficient
7. filter pate press automatically
8. liquid collecting plate open and close automat
9.hydraulic compress
10.automatic pulling plate
  automatic program filter press (5)
automatic program filter press (3)
Programable controlled automatic filter press  adopts PLC control which can operate all the control for filter press (e.g. compressing filter press, combining and starting liquid collecttion plate,  relaxing fi l ter plate and opening filter plate). And there is telecontrol connector to realize automatic telecontrol.
Technical Feathers
1. Automatic plate-pulling, controlled by electrical equipment or micro computer.
2. Hydraulic installation as driving devices for compression enlightening filter plates, pulling filter plates, The adoption of pressure meter for automatic operation of automatic regulating pressurecompression going backward pulling plate and so on.
3. Easy to run, safe and labor-saving. Push-buttons in the controlling board can make continuous operation of the filter plates. And a variety of safety installations are equipped with this model to ensure operators’ safety and good performance of the filter.
4. Other special filter press automatic functions also can be added such as filter cloth washing system,  filtrate collecting system, filter cloth shaking system, drip tray system etc.
1. Photos, assembly diagrams and technical parameters are only for reference. Actual parameters will be as specified in purchasing orders. Parameters are subject to change without notice.
2. Whether washing is needed according to the filtering requirements of filter cakes should be specified in contracts. Washable type has a letter “k” following the model number(k stands for “washable”).


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