Popular Use Industrial Centrifuge Price
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Popular Use Industrial Centrifuge Price

Apply to separating the suspension containing particles, but also fibers, especially the highly sticky, containing micro particles, poisonous and flammable materials, like plasters, thiamin, ferric sulfate, bluestone, potassium chloride, borax, dyestuffs, pigment, resin, pesticides, salts, gourmet powders, foodstuff additives, amylum, sugar, chemical flavors, antibiotics, vitamins, and minerals, and environmental protection.
  • SGZ1000
  • 8421192000
  • SGZ1000
  • 1000
  • 150
  • 200
  • 11kw
Structure and principle:
Lower part the SGZ three feet -like ex-dennings completely automatic centrifuge uses the PLC control, the procedure hypothesis,  nobody nursing automated operation, the frequency conversion velocity modulation,  the start is steady, the separation factor may move.  Adapts in profession the and so on chemical industry,  food,  drugs manufacture, environmental protection,  mining solid fluid separation,  is bigger than 0.05mm especially to the solid phase pellet the suspending liquid,  the solid phase is not easy but the fluid good material to be more appropriate.  This machine vibration small,  the ease of operation revolution steady,  uses the programmable controller to take the automatic control core,  therefore work movement more reliable,  and can realize the automatic cycle operation,  the production efficiency high,  washes the effect to be good.  The host vice- electromechanical power supply,  guarantees the equipment safe quiet run movement.
  The design of models in line with the GMP norms.

SGZ series centrifuge technical parameters:
Model Rotation drum Separation
Total weight(Kg)
Diameter(mm) Working volume(L) Loading limit
Rotation speed(r/min)
SGZ800 800 100 140 1200 644 7.5 3000
SGZ1000 1000 150 200 1080 560 11 4000
SGZ1250 1250 280 380 900 566 18.5 4700
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