Quick Open Filter Press With Features Energy Saving And High Efficiency
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Quick Open Filter Press With Features Energy Saving And High Efficiency


high efficiency Automatic hydraulic membrane filter press
Auto hydraulic pressing,auto plate shifting by groups
Auto squeezing
quick open filter press (1)
Quick opening and high efficiency hydraulic membrane automatic filter press   
1. wholly Automatic program-controlled as bellow:
Automatic press
Automatic feeding(double feeding) and filtrating
Automatic squeezing
Automatic cake washing
Automatic air blowing
Automatic open
Automatic plate shifting (by groups) and auto cake discharging.
Automatic cloth washing--- The washing cycles can be set according to requirements(can be regulated on site)
Automatic drip tray close when cloth washing and filtrating,automatic open when cake discharging.

  quick open filter press (4)
quick open filter press (9)

quick open filter press (7)2.  Main beam material is Q345B,with sand blasting processing.High intensity and corrosion resisting
3.  P late is made of TPE elastomer, fiber glass, and Polypropylene. It have the advantage of flexibility, toughness, rigidity.
4. P late is comply with Germany DIN7129 standard , completely in common with the European  &  Amerian products.  After the process of the CNC machining center, the flatness of the filter plate is lower than 25µm which make sure excellent sealing when pressing, and without any leakage when feeding. The filtration speed improved 20%, density and intensity, anti-fatigue ,anti-aging speed improved one times
5. Hydraulic cylinder is made by 27SIMn seamless steel pipe. Their precision can up to level of IT8
6. Pistons are made by steel 45 and plated with 0.06 chromium after surface processing with feature of high hardness, anti-wearing, long life-span.
7. The control part adopts system design concept, and adds auto running and check function. the system will always check whether the executive components is in normal state,or it will alarm on the display screen. It reserves DCS remote interface;thus realized remote monitoring and operation.
8.  We can do experiment with your slurry in our professional laboratory to find the most suitable filter cloth


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